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Help to Buy (Scotland)

Help to Buy (Scotland)

This scheme is closed for now

The First Home Fund could help you...

Help to Buy Scotland

How will this affect you?

The Scottish Government's Help to Buy (Scotland) scheme for 2021-22 is now closed for new applications.

The great news is the First Home Fund has new funding for first time buyers, so head to our scheme page to find out more. It's limited however, so make sure you get in touch soon.

If you’ve already had your Help to Buy application approved for 2021-22 this will be funded, and any settlements delayed into next financial year as a result of Covid-19, will also be covered.

Help to Buy is available across Scotland

5% deposit + 15% equity loan + 80% mortgage = 100% home ownership!

If you're buying in Scotland ask about the Scottish Government-backed Help to Buy (Scotland) Affordable New Build Scheme.

Available to first-time buyers and people already on the property ladder all you need is just a 5% deposit and a repayment mortgage of up to 80% of the value of the property. The remaining 15% of the purchase price is lent to you by HM Government in the form of an equity loan.

How Help to Buy (Scotland) works:

Help to Buy scheme
Help to Buy (Scotland) scheme example

How Help to Buy (Scotland) works:

  • Only available on new-build properties in Scotland up to £200,000
  • You only need: a minimum 5% deposit; and no more than an 80% repayment mortgage from your bank or building society
  • The Scottish Government will then lend you up to 15% of the full purchase price which is interest-free for the term of the loan
  • If eligible, first time buyers and existing homeowners can use the scheme
How do I apply?

This is the easy part: just contact our friendly sales advisors at any one of our developments across Scotland and they can use their expertise and contacts to guide you every step of the way.


Help to Buy (Scotland) FAQs

Where is the scheme available?
Help to Buy (Scotland) is available across all Charles Church developments in Scotland on homes up to £200,000.

Can you clarify the Help to Buy (Scotland) equity loan element?
The Scottish Government will provide you with an equity loan up to 15% value of the full purchase price of the property. This loan is interest-free for the term of the loan.

What are the repayment terms of the Help to Buy (Scotland) equity loan?
You can repay the loan any time within the first 25 years (or the terms of the mortgage), or when you sell the property. In addition, it's also possible to repay part of the equity loan subject to certain limits and criteria.

Is Help to Buy (Scotland) available on pre-owned homes?
No. The Help to Buy (Scotland) scheme is only available on new-build homes like those built by Persimmon.

Can I use the Help to Buy (Scotland) scheme if I already own a home?
The Help to Buy (Scotland) scheme is available to both first-time buyers and existing homeowners.

Is the Help to Buy (Scotland) scheme available for buy-to-let purchases?
The Help to Buy (Scotland) scheme is only available to purchasers using the property as their main residence.

What types of mortgage are available with Help to Buy (Scotland)?
Repayment mortgages are the only option with this scheme.

Where can I get financial advice from?
Charles Church can put you in touch with a list of recommended independent financial advisers who can assist you every step of the way.

Help to Buy (Scotland) Terms & Conditions
*The Help to Buy (Scotland) scheme has specific terms and conditions and is subject to affordability criteria as defined by the Scottish Government. The scheme is available on all plots in Scotland, with a full purchase price up to £200,000 subject to status, terms and conditions apply. Help to Buy (Scotland) eligible applicants will be offered an equity loan of up to a maximum of 15% of the purchase price (based on the open market value). The registered provider will hold the second charge on the property. Applicants are required to fund at least 85% of the purchase price by means of a conventional mortgage, savings and any deposit where required. Applicants must obtain their conventional mortgage from a qualified lending institution (e.g. a bank or building society).

A professional legal adviser is required to carry out the legal formalities of buying the home and to represent your interests. Persimmon can provide you with a list of recommended solicitors and/or financial advisers as necessary. Persimmon cannot advise you on a mortgage. The Help to Buy (Scotland) scheme is subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time without notice. Not to be used in conjunction with any other purchase assistance scheme, offer or promotion. YOUR HOME MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON YOUR MORTGAGE, YOUR EQUITY LOAN OR OTHER DEBT SECURED ON IT. For full details on the Help to Buy (Scotland) scheme please visit:

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Here’s some good news if you’re over 60 and in need of a new home…

It’s a fact that we’re living longer (hurrah), but this can mean you’re trapped in a home that doesn’t suit your needs for longer too.

The Scottish Government has recently announced an extension to the Help to Buy (Scotland) scheme to cover the needs of over 60s who need to move but can’t afford to.

So if you’re over 60 and can demonstrate a “housing need to move”, then this could be the perfect scheme for you. There’s a set of criteria you’ll need to be aware of:

  • You must be aged 60 or over
  • You must maximise your stake by using your full house sale proceeds (minus reasonable expenses). If you can raise the purchase price of the property through the sale of your existing home and savings you won’t be eligible.

You’ll need to demonstrate a housing need to move which should include at least one of the following:

  • Under occupation – living in property which is too large for you and you need to downsize.
  • Your property is no longer suitable to meet your needs – you can no longer manage the stairs etc.
  • Support – you may need to move closer to family or friends that can provide care and support.
  • Joint applications may be eligible (without the requirement for a mortgage) where one of the applicants is aged 60 or over.

Housing Minister Kevin Stewart said:

“For the first time ever, older people will have more choice and empowered to make the best decision for them. That could mean downsizing, buying a retirement home, or moving to a property that brings them closer to the support they need."

For further information contact your nearest Charles Church development in Scotland or visit the updated Scottish Government Help to Buy website.