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12 wall art ideas for every room

More than any other home addition, wall art and décor adds that defining finishing touch. Read our favourite tips to instantly elevate your space.

Unlocking the door to your new home is such an exciting moment. Immediately, thoughts turn to paint colours and covering the space with your favourite artworks and decor. When you move into the blank canvas of a new build, the possibilities are seemingly endless. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to adding personality and style to the walls of your new home, read on for some creative wall art ideas.

1. Play with light and space

Ideal for adding the illusion of more space and light into your home, mirrors are truly versatile and can be added to bathrooms, hallways and living spaces alike. To add your personal style, choose shapes and frames that match or contrast your home’s interior. Or even create a mirror gallery-style feature wall for extra visual interest. 

2. Create a gallery-style feature wall

If you’re spoiled for choice and have more than one favourite picture, go with the flow and add them all – this will transform your staircase, or hallway, into an eclectic space of its own. For maximum impact mix and match colours, sizes and frames.

3. Eclectic extra surface space

This easy-to-apply feature creates visual interest that’s gentle on the eye, and can be used in every room of your home. For a minimalist look, choose shelving that matches your wall colour and simply add your favourite décor pieces. This is also a great option for adding surface space without impacting the rest of the room. Handy tip – to create a sense of height, add indoor trailing plants.

4. Hanging around

If you’re looking for options to switch up your décor displays easily, how about hanging pieces from hooks or pegs? This easy on-trend look gives you so many options. Show off your favourite small canvas prints, or hang dried flowers for some botanical beauty. You could even display beautiful hardback books. When you’re not using the hooks for artistic flair, they also provide useful extra storage.

5. Add the beauty of nature

A home tradition since forever, adding flowers will amplify the colours and interest of any wall art print or décor item. Add your favourite living indoor plant or have fun and treat your home to a monthly flower arrangement. For that inimitable style touch, go antique shopping for one-of-a-kind vases. 

6. The accent wall: a more-is-more money-saver

If you have the urge to add a pop of colour to your bedroom or living room wall, but you don’t want to decrease visual space, then adding an accent wall is the ideal solution. Best used as a focal point with main furniture pieces, an accent wall can be made using a bespoke patterned wallpaper or the perfect shade of paint – a handy tip is to bare in mind the tones present in the room already, for a cohesive look.

7. Maximum (minimalist) impact

Ideal for adding interest to minimalist and contemporary interiors, large twin print canvases make a bold yet harmonious statement that works especially well in either your living room or bedroom. To keep your room visually balanced, place the artworks over a main furniture piece such as a bed or sofa and pick neutral colours – for a seamless, stylish look.

8. Design that’s timeless yet modern

Clean and stylish, geometric shapes offer a beauty all their own. Whether it’s the frame itself or a modern canvas print, you can add contrasting classic or ultra-modern accents to compliment this versatile look. Combining with metals such as golden brass also adds an elevated luxe feel.

9. Use matching shades for calming interiors

For a gorgeous look that’s on-point, make sure the tonal colours of your canvas prints, artworks and décor match those already present in your home. Keeping to the same tone means you can play with different colours across the spectrum, yet still keep a sense of harmony. This styling method requires a time investment, with finding in-keeping pieces, however it produces a beautiful (sometimes stunning) effect.

10. Give your shelving an upgrade

Wall decor doesn't just mean statement artwork. By choosing high-quality shelving products that amplify your unique style, you can add practical storage and visual interest to your living room or office. From metal to more rustic wooden designs, going on the hunt for that ideal piece will be well worth the effort – and take your room to new aesthetic heights.

11. Bold and bright

For those who love true statement-making interiors, adding neon-light artwork is in. Brought back into fashion by London artist Tracey Emin, nostalgic neon lighting turns a blank wall into a fun talking-point feature. All about imagination and personality, this is an all-room option for the bold at heart.

12. Make memories with a DIY mural

Perfect for children’s bedrooms or a shared living space, with a painted mural you’re the artist. A wholesome mini-project for all, consider what effect you want in the final result, then choose your imagery and colours accordingly. Just make sure you use the appropriate materials, and sketch out your design (think of paint by numbers) before applying paint. 

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