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Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer when you visit a web site. The cookies store information and some of these can have privacy implications.

The cookies employed by Charles Church are used for obtaining basic information which we use to enhance your visit to our website. Some of these last only for so long as you remain on our website and some are kept for repeat visits.

We only use cookies to administer our website, analyse data and track users' movements. None of the information stored allows you to be personally idenitified.

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Cookies used by Charles Church

The following cookies are essential for site functioning.

Cookie name Description
Cookie :: Medium This cookie helps display the correct development telephone phone based on visitor medium.

Third party cookies

Charles Church uses trusted service providers like Google Analytics to assist us in analysing data from visits to our website. We do not control these cookies in the same way as the Charles Church cookies. We list below these third parties. If you wish more information on these cookies we recommend you visit the relevant website.

Partner name What their cookies are used for
Google Charles Church use Google Analytics to gather statistics on how people interact and navigate the Charles Church website. These statistics are used to make the website easier to use for its visitors.