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Bathroom storage ideas to make the most of your space

Want to give your bathroom a glow-up? Maximise the space in your bathroom with these handy storage ideas, that will keep your bathroom feeling tidy and spa-like.

Whether you’ve just moved into your home and want to get off on the right foot, or you just want to give your space a new lease of life, it’s never a bad time to get serious about home storage.

The bathroom is a great place to start. What starts out as a fresh and minimalist room can quickly become cluttered with all the daily use it gets. That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of handy bathroom storage tips to take your bathroom back to the calm and uncluttered oasis it once was.

From towel storage to bathroom shelf ideas, whether you have a spacious or small bathroom, we hope you find inspiration from the tips below. Read on and let your inner interior designer get to work!

Towel storage

Rather than stuffing cupboards full to bursting, why not stack your towels in a neat wall-hung shelving display. This will keep them close to hand, and also look more inviting for guests. In our Select Options range you can also choose stylish heated towel rack to keep them cosy.

A top tip if you’re using shelves to store your towels, is to roll them rather than folding. This maximises space in your bathroom and gives a luxurious hotel feel.

Declutter your bathroom

Before you make any major changes to your bathroom, it’s a good idea to declutter. Go through everything and ask yourself if you really need or want it. Trinkets that once looked great on the windowsill can start to gather dust, and it’s easy to let toiletries like bath bombs and hand creams accumulate. Lots of products have expiry dates, so for a quick win you can dispose of anything that’s past its best – there’ll probably be more than you expect.

If you’ve replaced towels with fluffier ones, take the old ones to a textile recycling bank, or to your nearest animal shelter as they’re often in need of donations. Likewise, take decorative items to your nearest charity shop to benefit someone else.

Makeup and skincare storage

We’ve all been guilty of stockpiling self-care products. Make up, skincare, cotton pads and more seem to multiply and end up sitting on the side of the sink or the windowsill. After you’ve sorted through everything to check what you no longer need, organise makeup and skincare into neat storage containers. You can then tuck these into an under sink drawer or line up neatly on a shelf. Bonus points if the containers are matching and stackable.

Bathroom shelf ideas

Some open shelving is a good addition to any room, but bathroom shelving can work especially well when done right. Install a couple of minimalist floating shelves to display your most reached for products, favourite candle and a leafy plant to add some dimension to your room without overcrowding it. Alternatively you could go large if that’s your style, with rustic wooden shelves that are easy on the eye and great for storage.

Smart shelving

If you like the idea of bathroom shelves but don’t have the wall space to use, there are always options to add storage. Installing a shelf for towels over the doorway will save space and keep then out of the way. You could also put shelves above the toilet, making the most of space that otherwise wouldn’t be used.

Bathroom storage ladders

Storage ladder are another great option when it comes to bathroom shelving. Widely available, bathroom storage ladders can be a great addition when used to display your more aesthetic items. Stacks of fluffy towels, reed diffusers and plants all look great on a stylish wooden ladder.

That’s not to say you can’t use them to store more practical items, too. Neatly stacked toilet rolls will look at home on ladder shelving, along with any small toiletries organised into attractive baskets.

Spa style bath trays

Bath trays have the dual purpose of creating a zen, spa-like feel to your bathroom, and also doubling up as storage. Decant shower products into matching bottles and keep them on a wooden bath tray for a stylish display. Bath trays also work well to hold candles, loofahs, and the odd houseplant.

Get handy with hooks

Hooks can be an attractive way to store towels and cloths. Along with hanging hooks high to keep large towels off the floor, you could also install decorative hooks at sink height to take care of flannels, and pretty cloth bags filled with toiletries.

Stylish basket storage

They’ve been around for a while now and they’re not going anywhere yet. Woven baskets are a popular décor piece that also serve as an on-trend storage solution. Bathroom storage baskets can be made from seagrass, rope or wicker, but the more sustainable the better. Fill them will rolled up hand towels, or additional toiletries for your guests.

Floor to ceiling cabinets

If you’ve exhausted all the decorative bathroom storage options, a floor to ceiling storage cabinet will keep everything in one place and out of sight. There’s a huge range of bathroom storage units available, including tall slimline cupboards that can fit seamlessly into a narrow gap. You could find an attractive secondhand piece and make it a focal point, or paint it the same colour of the walls to camouflage it.

Hidden storage

Sometimes the most clever storage is the hardest to see. Hidden bathroom storage solutions will keep your items neatly tucked away, and give the impression of a minimalist, tidy space. Wall-mounted cabinets disguised as mirrors, over-door storage racks that you won’t see at first glance, and small storage hidden in sinks and toilet roll holders are just a few options.

Corner storage

Another option if you’re looking to buy a bathroom storage cabinet, is to opt for a space-saving corner unit. Not only will it keep your belongings out of the way, it’ll also give purpose to space that otherwise wouldn’t be used. A cascading house plant perched on top of a corner cabinet can make for an attractive feature.

Hopefully these bathroom storage ideas have given you some inspiration on how to store your bathroom belongings, and maximise the space available.



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