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We take a look at some of the aspects that make up a Charles Church community, from helping you put down family roots to supporting local biodiversity.

So you’re thinking of buying a new build home, or maybe you’ve already taken the exciting step of reserving your plot. It’s natural to feel nervous about settling into a new place and to have questions about how the setting will fit around your lifestyle.

At Charles Church we strive to create communities that feel like home from the very start. Our developments are created with modern family life in mind, as well as environmental considerations to ensure that they’ll remain great places to live for generations to come.

Here are just some of the ways a Charles Church development can provide the ideal community for you!

Put family first

We’re proud of the wide range of buyers who choose our homes, from first-time buyers to second-steppers and downsizers. If you’re looking to move with your family, or start a family in the near future, you’ll be pleased to know that many of our developments put great provisions in place for families with children.

The majority of our homes enjoy edge-of-town locations just a few minutes from local schools and nurseries, while for some developments we’ll contribute to the expansion of local schools or even fund the construction of a brand new school on site.

Contributions to local roads and infrastructure as part of Section 106 fulfilments mean you’ll be able to do the daily drop-off safely and efficiently, and when school’s out, many of our developments include new play areas (LAPs and LEAPs) so that your little ones can play safely just a stone’s throw from home.


We want to create developments that provide homes for not for only you, but also for local wildlife. So what are we doing to support biodiversity on our developments?

“Wellbeing and nature’s recovery are core elements and fundamental to our everyday lives,” says Melissa Arthur, Group Biodiversity Manager at Charles Church. “By optimising multi-functional green space and our water environment for both people and wildlife, and managing these spaces in a way that supports community use and feeding, breeding and sheltering areas for birds, hedgehogs and insects, this can bring huge benefits towards halting the decline in biodiversity.”

These green spaces and habitats are crucial to maintaining local ecosystems and also have a positive impact on our wellness. And there are plenty of plans for the future!

“Through our new placemaking framework, we plan to maximise the biodiversity gains and green space that brings nature closer to people,” says Melissa. “We are committed to delivering biodiversity net gain as part of our development planning, protecting wildlife and enhancing habitats – all important steps in making a positive response to the climate emergency.”

Meeting the neighbours

Many Charles Church homeowners will agree that one of the best things about moving into a new build community is the people you meet along the way. When you move to a new development, you’re joining a community of other newcomers, all keen to meet like-minded neighbours and form friendships.

Social media is a great place to get a head start on this – there are many Facebook pages where you can find people also moving to your development. Or create an Instagram account to document your home-buying journey and use our #CharlesChurchHomes hashtag. You’ll be sure to connect with fellow Charles Church buyers! 

We recognise the importance of forging connections with your neighbours. That’s why the majority of Charles Church sites have community spaces where you can enjoy nature, exercise or grow your own produce. We’ve been sure to include allotments at many of our developments as part of our commitment to providing green spaces. Not only are these a great way to put green fingers to use, they’re also important for wellness, provide food and homes for wildlife, pollinating your crops, and are fantastic way to integrate in your new community. You can find top tips to get started with an allotment here.


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