Top 10 rustic décor ideas

Rustic décor is a trend that's been around for a while, but this year has seen a rise in the combination of rustic style with modern interior design. Here are our top tips for introducing modern rustic decor ideas into your home.

Neutral dining room table with rustic decor

1. New and old

It’s a common misconception that for rustic interior decor you need a period property, something with beams and exposed stonework. Those features are beautiful, but you can also achieve a stunning modern rustic look when set against the generous proportions and clean lines of a new build home. Practical modern living, with a traditional rustic aesthetic – perfection!

2. Play with light

Pale neutrals and dark academia are two totally contrasting trends – one creates space and airiness, and the other embraces dark, cosy spaces. Rustic décor can work perfectly with either of these. Take advantage of bright open plan spaces with pale wood tones and natural linens, and amp up the moodiness in other rooms with dark mossy greens, dark wood and antique accessories. 

Bed made up with rustic cushions, bedspread and lamp

3. Use nature’s colour palette

The defining feature of rustic style is a closeness to nature and the countryside, so when it comes to choosing your colour palette look no further than the great outdoors. Mix and matched wood tones, a muted green paint colour, earthy terracotta and warm stone all combine to create a rustic effect. 

4. Sustainable style

Opting for a rustic interior style is a great way to embrace the rise in sustainability that we’re seeing in interior design. There’s a growing pool of furniture companies producing beautiful furniture made with eco-friendly wood, salvaged materials and recycled fabrics – and they all go hand-in-hand with a modern rustic style. Discover some of them here.

Dining table with industrial chairs and reclaimed wood table

5. Preloved perfection

Possibly one of the reasons why rustic style is so loved, is that it’s the perfect way to pull together those secondhand gems that you find at antique fairs, flea markets and charity shops. From traditional earthenware to beautiful wooden furniture, you’ll find a range of stunning home decor items at bargain prices.


6. Flow with the seasons

The definition of rustic is ‘relating to the countryside’. This means that one great way to use the style is to follow the patterns of the changing seasons, through natural materials and organic principles. Display sunny antique ceramics and rattan pieces in the summer, transitioning into cosy natural textiles and warm wood tones in the colder months.


Minimalist living room with rustic decor

7. Rustic glam

Rustic doesn’t have to be synonymous with shabby and worn – many of the rich textures and natural tones that comes with a rustic style can also convey luxury and glamour. Sheepskin rugs, solid wooden furniture, antique accessories – these can all come together in a way that looks considered and expensive, especially when paired against the clean lines of a new build home.

8. Take inspiration from abroad

If you’re struggling to piece together a vision for your rustic décor scheme, turn to other countries for inspiration. Nothing says rustic summer style better than the natural materials, artisanal touches and sun-kissed appeal of a Tuscan apartment or a Provençal farmhouse. Take those settings as your base for inspiration, and work from there.


Industrial style metal kitchen shelves

9. Form and function

It can be easy to get carried away in the aesthetics of an interior scheme, but if it’s going to work for modern living, practicality is important too. Along with the practical solutions that already come with a new build, rustic décor can be a great way to incorporate attractive storage. Think wicker baskets, a wooden shelving unit and antique sideboards.


10. Slow and steady

A pitfall of trying to achieve any particular interior décor style is to rush and try to achieve a whole new look overnight. Rustic interiors convey simplicity and a comfortable lived-in feel, so don’t try and over-shop for items that might not be harmonious together. Take your time, live in the space, and wait for the right pieces to come along. 

With all these interior design tips in mind, you should be well on your way to creating a stunning modern rustic home!




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