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Utility room design ideas to make the most of your space

Looking for utility room ideas? From colours to lighting, there are so many interior design ideas to turn your utility room from simply a practical feature into a beautiful space.

Designing your utility room

The first step is to decide on your utility room design – the units, appliances and flooring. A popular choice is to continue the design of your kitchen, using the same countertops, cupboard doors and the same flooring which flows between the two rooms. The overall effect of this is a great cohesive space.

When you buy a new Charles Church home you can make these decisions before you move in, thanks to our Select Options. From sleek quartz work surfaces to classic Shaker doors and hard-wearing porcelain flooring, you can fully customise your utility room, ready to add the final decorative touches.

Utility room colours

In need of some utility room colour ideas? There are so many options when it comes to making this practical space beautiful. The majority of people opt for pale, fresh utility room colours. Tonal greys and whites can achieve a clean, minimalist feel that goes hand in hand with the scent of freshly washed sheets, while other mid-tone neutrals such as a soft blue or sage green will have the same effect.

For something more sumptuous, a dark inky blue, slate grey or forest green can add luxury, especially when contrasted with textural elements such as wood, rattan and metallics. Or, you could go for maximalism with a fuschia, yellow or bright teal – these can look fantastic either on the walls or as a splashback.

Get creative

When it comes to utility room décor, it’s often the smallest and most functional rooms in our homes that are the best places to be creative. Injecting a burst of personality into a downstairs WC or utility room is a way to turn what could otherwise be a fairly dull room into something fun. It's also an opportunity to test out décor ideas on a small scale before you go large in the living room!

From patterned wallpapers to modern art prints and touches of glam, bringing a pop of personality to your utility room is a sure-fire way to make doing the laundry a little more enjoyable.

Satisfying storage

Aesthetic utility room storage ideas have taken off in a big way on social media, along with desk organisation videos and ingenious under-sink hacks. If the sight of a beautifully arranged storage system brings you a feeling of calm in a world of chaos, jump on board the trend and create the perfectly organized utility room of your dreams.

Sustainable seagrass baskets, matching glass containers for cleaning products and clever space-saving cupboard storage are all great ways to keep your utility room clutter free and Instagram ready.

Laundry hacks

Doing laundry is a necessity, so you might as well make it as efficient as possible! There are some ingenious additions you can make to your laundry room to stay on top of the washing, even in a small space.

Hanging a wooden rail from the ceiling is a handy way to dry a few items, or stop clothes from creasing after they come out of the dryer. Wall-mounted drying racks easily fold back flat against the wall, and pull-out ironing boards have the same space-saving benefits in a small utility room.

Keep your lights and darks organised with laundry baskets tucked away in a cupboard, and transfer items from the washing machine and tumble dryer into a basket using a handy pull-out tray. 

Lighting your utility room

Don’t forget to consider utility room lighting. Because utility rooms are often on the smaller side and tucked away off the kitchen, they can risk feeling dark without the right level of lighting – not ideal if you’re scrubbing out a stain or hunting for creases.

Spotlights are a great way to keep a room brightly lit without encroaching on the space, so are a great option for a smaller utility room. Under-cabinet task lighting is also a clever way to illuminate surfaces, add dimension and make the space feel bigger. Both spotlights and task lighting are available as Select Options in our homes – find out more here. Finally, decorative pendant lights and lamps can also look fantastic in a utility room, adding layers of light and enhancing the décor.


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