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Building sustainable homes

Our homes are typically 30% more energy efficient than traditional UK housing, helping you to save money and reduce your impact on the environment.





New is more energy efficient

When you buy from Persimmon PLC you’ll be benefitting from a range of sustainable features designed to make your home energy efficient. These include highly efficient thermal insulation in the wall cavities and roof space, and argon-filled double glazed windows keeping warmth in and minimising heat loss. This means our homes carry more favourable energy efficiency ratings than traditional housing, achieving EPCs of either A or B. We also install highly energy-efficient appliances and heating systems such as A-rated condensing gas boilers and kitchen appliances, to minimise energy usage and keep bills down, so you can enjoy your new home in comfort.




Building for tomorrow

We're proud that we already build our homes to high levels of energy efficiency, but there's still a way to go. We've made it our mission to have net-zero carbon homes in use by 2030, and for our own building operations to be net-zero by 2040.

To achieve this, we’re working to science-based carbon reduction targets in line with the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C warming pledge, investing in low-carbon solutions and technology that will further reduce the carbon footprints of our homes and our impact on the planet.

As part of this, we're trialling new technologies, such as all-electric infra-red heating systems, and have built a zero-carbon home at our Germany Beck site in York. This home includes a wide range of innovative features such as solar PV, battery storage, MVHR (mechanical ventilation, heat recovery), and an ASHP (air source heat pump) with hot water cylinder and waste water heat recovery systems. We're conducting a 12-month trial with a family living in the home to see how these new technologies perform in real life, and the learnings will feedback into our future home design.  



Save money on your energy bills

The increased thermal retention from our insulation and double glazing, along with reduced water use thanks to efficient appliances, mean you’ll automatically save money on your energy and water bills – and with the rising cost of living, this can make a real difference. The recently published HBF Watt a Save report found that buyers of a new build home will save on average £135 each month in energy bills compared to traditional homes, and when talking specifically about houses this figure rises to £183 per month. Meanwhile, previous reports by the HBF found that last year, new build houses saved homeowners £2,600 on energy bills. 


Creating greener communities

Being sustainable goes beyond our houses. We choose our development locations with the environment in mind, putting you within reach of local amenities and public transport to help reduce your travel footprint. We also create green open spaces for relaxation and play, shared facilities including neighbourhood allotments, and biodiverse habitats – keeping our developments kind to the planet whilst bringing communities together. 


For more information about our approach to sustainability, download our Sustainability Report below. 

Click the link below to to read the latest Watt a Save report from the HBF. 

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