20 ideas for creating a blissful garden room

Whether you need a relaxing workspace (without the commute), a nature-inspired studio or a wholesome hosting space – here are some garden summer house ideas that will give your garden a smile-inducing upgrade.

A life-changing, easy home addition: everyday luxury in nature

You’ve moved into your beautiful new Charles Church home, you’re planning your outdoor space, but there’s something missing. If you have a large or medium-sized garden, how about adding a summer house or handy garden office?

Here to stay, the work-from-home trend has changed our perspective on gardens as the extra nature-made room that gives us priceless benefits. Whatever you’re after, it’s a space where your mental focus and well-being thrive – and getting an hour or two of travel-to-work time back ain’t bad either. If you already work remotely, this beautiful new workstation will also make your home a base for rest, play and relaxation again. 

A handy tip when it’s time to start thinking about summer house decor – remember to treat your garden room as an extension of your home. Put your personality into it, and invest as much as you can according to your budget. With an added dose of everyday pinch-me happiness, you’ll see the lifestyle gains from it immediately, plus it can add value to your property if you decide to move.

What will your garden room be?

Knowing what you want your summer house to be is number one on your list. This will dictate extra features, the style and size of your summer house and its position in your garden. A good exercise for this is to do a ‘day in the life’ of your summer house, make a list of what you would do daily, and remember any luxuries that will make it feel more authentic and special to you.

It’s all about natural light

When designing your perfect garden workspace, remember to incorporate outdoor space, and position it so that you get the best use of the natural light (that’s right for you). Whether that’s creating a lovely shady spot, or a sun-trap space to relax and get the most out of your garden time. Large windows will also maximise the natural light of your chosen area.

Indoor/outdoor design

To make the division between your garden and indoor space seamless, focus on doors and windows. For example, try including floor-to-ceiling glass doors in your design. Sliding or concertina doors also provide a completely open space that’s ideal for hot summer days – giving you that true garden-room feeling.

An extra guest bed

If you’re in need of space for guests but don’t have a guest bedroom in your home, consider adding a long chaise or sofa bed to your summer house. Not only is this a place for you to rest in between productive hours, it could add value to your property, and give you and your guests extra privacy after late-night entertaining.

Extra living space: the great outdoors

Not just an indoor space, you can extend your summer house with a patio and look out onto the garden while enjoying summer outdoor dining and drinks with friends. Great additions for this are the essential log burner, potted plants of various sizes, and an outdoor-friendly dining table and chair set that includes a parasol. Here are a few garden design ideas to get you going.

Add bright and bold flowers

A 2024 trend that creates extra joy in the garden: add colourful blooms to your green space. Whether you’re enjoying an evening meal with friends, or looking out of your summer house window on a I’m-so-lucky break from work, this will give you so much pleasure in spring and summer time.

Winter-proofing your garden room

Whatever space you’re after, you can easily adapt it to enjoy from spring to winter. Insulation is essential for temperature regulation, and something to include when you’re in the building process. Before you finalise your design, you can also consider underfloor heating, however, remember you need an electricity supply for this method. Electrical mini heaters can also be added, and for the ultimate cosy-cabin atmosphere add a closed wood burner.

The arts and crafts studio

An ideal space for creative types, a garden studio room can be a relaxing and inspiring place to create. When planning a studio space, consider the size of the workspace needed and any storage requirements. The indoor/outdoor design that fully opens up to your garden can be particularly good if you’re in need of a dynamic space.

Add a spa element

If you have the space, turning a peaceful section of your garden into an at-home spa area can be truly life-transforming. From Scandinavian-inspired saunas to fully installed hot tubs or cold plunges, if you have the budget, these relatively small home additions provide a new level of relaxation on your doorstep.

An edible nearby garden

When planning your garden room, it’s good to also think about the journey from your home to the space. A great inbetween addition can be a veg patch, so that on your way to either space you can pick herbs or greens for dining. Raised beds make a cottage-like statement and also potentially protect the earth from quick-growing grasses. Don’t forget to research your favourite variety's sowing season and plan ahead.

Modern summer houses

With their minimalist feel, summer houses or garden offices with a contemporary feel are a popular choice. All about clean lines and simplicity, you can add softness with both indoor and outdoor plants and flowers. This style is also a perfect blank canvas for you to put your unique stamp on, and works well if your home already has a modern look to it.

Add a cosy sofa

Even if you’re after a functional workspace, a cosy sofa that fits your garden room well gives an element of softness - and of course, a place to relax and read or just look out onto your private green space. When choosing your sofa, think about whether you want to have the opportunity to invite friends, or you want it to be a special area of your home that’s just for you.

Explore the corner

If your garden is limited in space, or you know you want a simple design that’s tucked away, a corner summer house is an ideal solution. The beauty of this option is that it offers a break away from the standard square or rectangular-shaped models. Explore circular tables and comfy armchairs as central furniture pieces, and decorate with your own personal style.

Assess your workspace

If you’re going for a garden office, the top of the list has to be assessing the size of the workspace you need. A handy tip is to give yourself a generous amount of space, which will add to that feeling of luxury when your new at-home productivity station is complete. Also, plenty of storage options will make tidying your space effortless, and contribute to a mindful space that makes the most of your focus time. For more ideas to get you started, read our article on updating your office space here.

The breakout space

When planning your garden office, consider whether you want a space for meetings that can be separate from your main work area. If you’re an artist for example, this can be a peaceful space to show your work and chat to clients. It can also double up as a snug social space, making it an extra luxury that's worth it. 

Temperature control

Normally garden rooms have plenty of windows and natural light, the only disadvantage of this can be the heat that gets trapped in. To remedy this include treated windows in your design that will help to control the temperature. Air circulation is also important, so be sure to also add plenty of doors and windows, and an outdoor front awning to reflect heat and light away. 

Bring the outdoors in

In a garden room, the ideal finishing touch has got to be adding indoor plants. This will bring the beauty of nature inside your new space, as well as out. Whether you want to go for hanging plants that give height to the space, or potted floor or desk varieties, remember to check what conditions suit them before placing them in their new home. To learn more about what plants will work the best, read our article here.

The Zen Summer house

If you want to create the ultimate relaxation space, devote an area, or your entire garden room, as a meditation and exercise area. To do this keep the space extremely minimal with modern designs. Also, instead of chairs, incorporate cushions and low seating as this will add to the grounded, simple atmosphere in the space.

Add stylish lighting

When thinking about summer house interiors, you can add your own personal style with unique lighting. If you have a smaller structure, make the most of your floor space with wall fixtures. For in-built and plug-in lighting you’ll of course need an electrical power supply, however, you can also buy self-powered lamps and sconce-style lighting.

Keep it minimalist

As most garden rooms will be a smaller-sized space it’s wise to keep it minimalist in feel, especially if it’ll be used as a garden office – as clear space helps the mind focus. To achieve a less-is more spacious atmosphere be intentional with your furniture choice and add plenty of storage so that everything has a home.

Tips for building your garden room

When planning and building your new hideaway it’s always a good idea to hire professionals, especially if you’ve never taken on a building project before. To find the best quality tradesmen, get recent recommendations or check for reviews online. 

As an outdoor office or summer house is normally a wooden structure, planning permission isn’t usually required. However, it’s always good to check with your local authority or have a survey made to check the state of the ground you may be building on.


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