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Why new build homes are more eco-friendly

When you choose an energy-efficient new build over an older house, you’re opting for a home that’s designed with sustainability in mind. Let’s get into exactly what makes our new build homes more eco-friendly.

Built in locations across the UK, Charles Church homes offer a range of eco credentials and environmental benefits. Below we take a look at some of the ways our eco-friendly homes incorporate sustainable practices, support the natural environment, and reduce your energy output.


Are new build homes more environmentally friendly?

In short, yes. The modern construction methods, new technologies and new appliances used in new homes mean they save more energy than older properties. This in turn means they produce less carbon emissions. Government rules published in recent years also mean that across the board, new build homes have to comply with energy efficiency requirements.

As a brand, Charles Church considers sustainability in everything we do. From making provisions for wildlife and habitats on our developments, to our construction materials and the waste we generate. We strive to create energy-efficient homes in an environmentally-conscious way, in settings that enhance the natural environment.

1. Our homes are designed to be energy-efficient, requiring less heating than older properties.

New build homes tend to include more efficiency heating systems than older homes, meaning you conserve more energy. Charles Church homes include highly efficient thermal insulation in wall cavities and roof space, argon-filled double-glazed windows, and A-rated condensing gas boilers.

2. The average energy efficiency (SAP) rating of our homes for last year was 84, or EPC B.

Thanks to the energy-saving features we use, our homes carry excellent energy performance ratings. The latest Watt a Save Report from the Home Builders Federation (HBF) looked at the energy performance of new build homes in 2023. In the report, new build homes were found to emit 61% less carbon a year than the average older property.

3. As an added benefit, you’ll save money on energy bills.

Homeowners don’t have to wait long to see the benefit of our sustainable homes reflected in their bills. The HBF found that the average new build home uses 55% less energy, leading to a monthly energy bill saving of up to £184. This adds up to a yearly saving of over £2,200, leaving you more money to spend on the things that are important to you. 

4. We’ve recycled 98% of operational waste created during the construction of our homes.

If we’re to fully embrace sustainability, it’s vital to extend that commitment beyond just our homes, and also show it in our building materials and methods. Many of our homes are built with timber frames, a material which carries a smaller carbon footprint. 

Recycling operational waste is just one of the ways we incorporate sustainable practices as homebuilders, and we’re continuing to work on initiatives to reduce waste generation.

5. Our new eco range of homes is even kinder to the planet and your purse.

In line with recent Part L regulations published by the government, which calls for new homes to reduce carbon emissions by 30%, we’re boosting the sustainability of our homes. Our new eco range includes features such as air source heat pumps, increased levels of thermal insulation, and PV solar panels. You’ll be contributing to a greener future just by living in your home.

6. All our homes are fitted with highly efficient water appliances.

In addition to heat-saving features, new homes come with new appliances. This means that you’ll have highly efficient water-saving appliances fitted as standard, helping you keep bills down and reducing your consumption of the Earth’s resources.

7. We install natural sustainable urban drainage systems on site to control rainfall and water flow, and support biodiversity.

Water is a precious resource, and new build developments are designed with this in mind. Not only do our sustainable urban drainage systems manage the flow of water through the ground, they reduce pollution risks and help to support areas of biodiversity. 

8. We’re supporting native wildlife by increasing the number of swift bricks and hedgehog highways on our sites. 

We want our developments to be places where wildlife can thrive. On some of our homes you’ll find swift bricks, hollow blocks that provide safe nesting areas for swifts. We also install hedgehog highways, so any small spiky neighbours can travel safely around sites and find food.

If you’re looking for ways to encourage nature and support wildlife in your own garden, take a look at our handy tips here.

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