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Charles Church Eco Range

We're embracing the future with our new energy-efficient homes.

All of our new Charles Church homes come with great energy-saving benefits compared to older properties, but there's still work to be done. That's why from June 2023 our new Eco Range (homes built in line with new Part L regulations) will have a reduction of 31% in carbon emissions.

This means a warmer, more energy-efficient home for you and the really cosy feeling of knowing it’s better for the environment. Plus, a saving of up to £6,730 over the lifetime of a 25-year mortgage compared to a Persimmon home built to Part L 2013 standards which were superseded in 2022. It could even be an impressive £31,640 saving when compared to a Victorian-built equivalent home.

How are we doing this?

1. Solar panels help boost your existing energy-efficient boiler using sustainable green energy.*

2. EV charging is a great benefit if you have an electric or hybrid car, letting you charge from the comfort of your own home.**

3. Enhanced loft insulation keeps your home cosy in the winter, and cooler in the summer. 

4. Waste water heat recovery is a clever way to heat incoming water efficiently, using the heat generated from outgoing shower water as it travels through the pipes. 

5. Increased thermally-efficient walls mean less heat will be able to escape your home, letting you save on central heating. 

6. Panelised offsite-manufactured timber frame technology allows us to construct using a unique, sustainable system that adds to the thermal efficiency of your home.***

7. Energy-efficient heating systems warm your already well-insulated home using the latest technology - letting you save money and energy. 

8. Increased thermally-efficient ground floor, achieved thanks to additional insulation we're incorporating in the floor construction. 

And it doesn't stop there...

Alongside these new changes we're making to all our homes going forward, there's a number of ways we're already demonstrating our commitment to building sustainable homes that benefit you and the environment. 

All of our homes come with an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) of B or above, thanks to modern construction techniques and energy-efficient appliances. In fact, the Home Builders Federation (HBF) found that last year owners of new build homes saved £2,600 on energy bills compared to owners of older properties. 

Sustainability goes beyond our homes, too. Last year we planted 147,000 trees on our developments, and provided 674 acres of public open spaces and gardens. These include allotments, habitats for biodiversity, and cycle paths that allow you to get from A to B without needing a car. 

We know that achieving sustainability is the future of house building, and we're proud to share our progress as we work towards it. 

* For full details of the number of solar panels (where applicable) and the location please refer to your sales executive for details.

**Not all homes will have EV chargers as they are site and plot dependent. They can be added from our Finishing Touches range.

***Not all homes will be built using timber frame technology.

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