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Your buying journey

Right - let's do this! There are few things in life more exciting than buying a new home. It’s our job to make the whole process simple and get you moved in as soon as possible. Here are all the steps you’ll need to complete along the way…

From exchanging contracts

Step 1: Reserve your new Charles Church home

This is when the excitement really kicks in.

Step 2: Instruct a solicitor or conveyancer

You must instruct a solicitor or conveyancer at the point of reservation. Your sales advisor will be happy to recommend a local independent company on request.

Step 3: Arrange your mortgage (if applicable)

A free and independent Charles Church-recommended mortgage broker can help you with this.

Step 4: Personalise your new home

Turn your house into a home by choosing your colour scheme, fixtures, fittings, and optional upgrades from our Finishing Touches range.

Step 5: Sell your other property (if applicable)

Give your sales adviser the details of your selling agent or estate agent. They will then monitor your sale on a weekly basis to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Step 6: Sign the contracts

You can put pen to paper as soon as your solicitor has received your mortgage offer (if applicable) and satisfactory search results. If you’re reliant on selling another property you’ll usually have to wait until your buyers are in a position to proceed.

Step 7: Pay the deposit

Just before you exchange contracts, your solicitor will ask you to pay your exchange deposit.

Step 8: Exchange contracts through your solicitor

This is the point when we’re both legally bound to the sale and purchase of your new home. If you’re unable to exchange contracts there’s no need to panic, simply get your solicitor to contact Charles Church’s solicitor immediately to explain the reason and discuss the possibility of an extension to your reservation period.

Please note, any extension is at the discretion of Charles Church and may affect the agreed sale price and any special arrangements that have been made.

Step 9: Countdown to completion

When you make your reservation we’ll give you our best estimate for a build completion date (not to be confused with your legal completion date or moving-in date). We’ll always do our best to meet this estimated date and will keep you updated about the build progress, as well as any unavoidable delays.

From exchanging moving in

Step 1: Wait for your completion date

Once your new home is ready, Charles Church’s solicitor can serve notice on your solicitor to legally complete your home purchase within 14 days (10 days in Scotland). The date on which you legally complete and can move into your new home purchase is called your completion date.

Step 2: Visit your new home

Once everything’s complete we’ll arrange for you to attend a new home demonstration with a fully trained member of our team. It’s essential you attend this to ensure any issues can be discussed and resolved before you move in.

Step 3: Get ready to complete

Your solicitor will send you a statement letting you know the balance of any money you need to pay to them prior to completing your purchase. If you have a mortgage, your mortgage lender may carry out a final inspection and require confirmation from the warranty provider that your new home has been constructed to their standards, before releasing the mortgage funds. Your solicitor/conveyancer will provide you with your warranty and insurance certificate, schedule and details of cover. Your solicitor will then transfer the balance to Persimmon on the day that you legally complete. 

Step 4: Pick up the keys

Your sales adviser will check the completion monies have been sent to our solicitor before arranging a time for you to collect the keys. Exciting times!

Step 5: Sign the key release form

You’ll be asked to sign a key release form that confirms the safe receipt of your keys as well as your final meter readings. There will also be one last quick check on the quality of your new home.

Step 6: Complete your new home 7-day inspection form

You will have already completed a thorough pre-completion checking process to let us know of any initial concerns or issues. Now that you have moved into your new home, we give you a further seven days to make absolutely sure we are getting things right.

Step 7: Fill out your one-month inspection form

If any minor problems occur in your new home following the completion of your 7-day inspection form, they should be noted down on your one-month inspection form. On receiving your form we’ll endeavour to complete all agreed items within a month.


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