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Looking after the electrics in your new home

After you move into your new Charles Church home, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the electrics and what to do should anything go wrong.

Who carries out electrical work?

Few things are more frustrating than a power outage. Any electrical work completed within the first 2 years should be undertaken by a Charles Church original contractor. Any electrical alterations you want carrying out after that point should be completed by a qualified electrician.

To avoid damaging any electrical cables during a spot of DIY, we’d also recommend buying a detector – this way you’ll know exactly where the cables in the walls and ceilings are playing hide and seek.

Smoke alarms

Hundreds of lives are saved every year in the UK by smoke alarms. It’s why you’ll find at least two have been fitted in your new home, which are mains operated with battery backup for double the safety.

For an extra level of care, all your smoke alarms are connected so if one is triggered, every alarm will sound a warning.

We recommend checking your smoke alarm every week by pressing the test button for a few seconds and making the alarm sound. If you hear one of your smoke alarms starting to beep at any other time, indicating the battery level is low, pop in a new battery and test it again.

Light fittings

As one of the UK’s leading house builders we understand we have a responsibility to minimise our impact on the environment at every opportunity. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously, which is why you’ll likely find several of your light fittings are designed for energy efficient bulbs.

We also recommend you have a few spares on hand, however please note that as these are classed as consumable items they’re not covered by your warranty period.

Trip switches

Another key safety item you’ll find in your home are trip switches. These are fitted in most modern electrical circuits and will instantly turn off your electricity supply the second a fault develops. This not only protects everyone in your home, but also helps stop damage to your home appliances such as your TV, kettle or microwave.

The most common cause of a tripped switch is a blown lightbulb, faulty old appliance or a circuit that’s been overloaded. In the event your sockets trip out, simply disconnect all the appliances connected to the circuit then reconnect them one by one to identify the chief offender.

Kitchen appliances

As it’s the hub of your home, all kitchen appliances* need to be fully working. In the unlikely event there’s a problem with any of yours during the warranty period, simply call the manufacturer directly to arrange a home visit. You’ll find their phone number in the appliance’s handbook, while the serial number is usually printed inside the appliance door.



*Be sure to secure your appliances by registering your warranty with each manufacturer.


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