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Looking after your new lawn and driveway

We've put together our tips for keeping your new lawn and driveway in great condition and looking beautiful.

Looking after turf

Sitting out in your garden on a sunny day is one of the greatest pleasures of owning a new home, however keeping your lawn in good condition does take a little effort. As the turf is also likely to have been laid very recently you’ll need to thoroughly water it every day during dry spells.

Simply put, if you see any yellow or browning of the grass it’s time to head for the hose or watering can.

Year round tips for a healthy lawn

  • If your turf has only just been laid, it’s essential you don’t walk on it until it’s become fully established, so avoid the temptation to head straight outside.
  • Regularly water your grass from April to November. If cracks appear during warm summer months, simply fill them with damp soil to prevent further drying out.
  • Cut your lawn on a regular basis with blades or rotors set to high. This encourages both root growth and the sprouting of new short blades of grass that will prevent the grass turning yellow.
  • To keep your lawn luscious, apply lawn feed and weed killer in April, with a second dose in September.
  • During the change of seasons, insects such as leatherjackets may lay their larvae in moist grassy areas, causing damage to the roots and grass stems. We highly recommend annual treatment between October and February.
  • If your development has heavy clay, your grass could get waterlogged during heavy rain. To avoid this happening, regularly aerate your garden with a fork or purpose-made aerator to encourage it to naturally drain.
  • When the ground settles within the garden area. Aerated soil below the grass can cause depressions. Where this happens they’ll need to be filled with soil.


You only get one chance to make a great first impression, so why not keep your driveway looking its best. It’s important to note that your driveway can be damaged by your car’s power steering if turning the wheel while stationary – so please take precaution when driving on and off. To maintain the even finish on your drive, simply rake and sweep any loose gravel every couple of weeks.

If your drive is made of tarmac, it’s key to remember these surfaces are soft when laid and can soften again hot weather. In fact, it takes several months for a new tarmac drive to reach full strength, so avoid placing any heavy weights on it such as a skip or car jack.

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