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Account to document house journey now has 19k followers

12 March 2021

The first post on Sarah Greenwood’s @insideourclaytoncorner Instagram account shows her partner – now fiancé – placing the ‘reserved’ sticker on the site plan.

That was late 2019. Fast forward to this week and Sarah has been unveiled as an Instagram ambassador for housebuilder Charles Church.

“I originally started the Instagram account to document our house journey, from the house being built to moving in to our first home together,” says Sarah. “From there, the account just took off!”

Sarah lives with Jonathan and their rescue cat Nala in a Clayton Corner, a generously proportioned 3-bed home on a Charles Church development near to Manchester.

Moving in day was December 19, 2019, and since then Sarah has chronicled her life and beautiful home to her 19,000 followers – including a marriage proposal from Jonathan last October. Posts regularly attract more than 1500 ‘likes’, and after the engagement ring post, bathroom images prove some of the most popular!

Sarah said: “I’ve always loved interior design and get my ideas and inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest. When we moved in I wanted the décor to be neutral greys and whites. By going for such a clean looking design, it’s easy to then add in colours such as yellow or duck egg blue, rather than change the whole room.

“But I also like to consider textures when I’m planning a room and consider how they look and what vibe they give: nothing too busy, but a texture can really change the feel of a room.”

Sarah is an HR advisor while Jonathan is an HR business partner, and during the lockdown both have been working from home – hence the need to turn the third bedroom into an office.

“We love the layout of our Charles Church Clayton Corner. It’s a good size and really multifunctional. Our lounge is really bright, and as a corner plot we have the bonus of the drive being at the back.”

Sarah’s favourite room is the kitchen: “We chose a breakfast bar upgrade and it’s one of the best things we did – it just offers us so much social space in the kitchen.”

The couple’s next project is the garden, when new design, furniture and a fire pit will tie the outdoor space in with the bar they have in the garage!

As for the Instagram community, it’s one that Sarah is still very much enjoying.

“It was never my intention to attract so many followers, I just wanted to document the memories of our house journey. But I do enjoy doing it, and even class some of my followers as friends.”


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