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Charles Church creates safe passage for hedgehogs

08 June 2021

Charles Church creates safe passage for hedgehogs

Charles Church Midlands is helping hedgehogs to roam freely through a Buckinghamshire village.

The company is installing ‘hedgehog highways’ at its Orchard Manor development, following a request from the Sustainable Cheddington Group.

The safe routes – where fences are either raised or have access holes cut into them – are recommended by the People’s Trust for Endangered Species and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society to allow hedgehogs to forage for food.

Sustainable Cheddington Group spokesperson Jennifer Magrath said: “A third of the UK’s hedgehogs have been lost since the millennium so it is vital that we all work together to help these small native mammals to survive and thrive.

“We are grateful that Charles Church Homes will provide safe passage through the gardens of their development, linking up to the many ‘hedgehog highways’ already in place across the village.”

The Hedgehog Street campaign asks people to cut a hole approximately 13x13cms in their garden fences to allow hedgehogs to access a wide range of gardens as they roam up to 2km each night.

Charles Church Midlands construction director Tom Walker added: “We take our environmental commitments extremely seriously, so we are pleased to support this campaign.

“The Orchard Manor development is proving popular with people keen to live in a friendly and welcoming village like Cheddington, so we are delighted to help the furry residents too.”

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