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Charles Church

Home is where the heart and mind are for Instagram ambassador Rachael

30 March 2020

Dental nurse and a strong advocate of mindfulness Rachael Asker sees her five-bedroom Charles Church home in Northumberland as a sanctuary and somewhere she can escape to - but she likes to ring the changes and keep her designs current.

She shares her advice on how to bring a holistic approach to home design and wellbeing. "We all need a change every now and again both to refresh our homes and our minds so take the time to evaluate your space at home, to notice things such as contrast and colours, lighting and mood, accessories and galleries and figure out what looks best and where. My home is my haven and I adore it. I am a very visual person so being around an interior that looks nice makes me feel nice too! I'm constantly refreshing my decor by moving furniture and accessories from one room to another trying to achieve different looks, adding colours and patterns. By experimenting with the pieces I have and changing the combinations of pieces I put together I can make a huge difference to the way they look and the style of rooms. The way your home is presented reveals a great deal about you and your personality. Interior design is a way of expressing yourself, so have fun and let your imagination inspire you design."

Rachael also advocates making the most of your outside space and is already making plans for her garden to see it through summer in the best condition for entertaining and relaxing. "It looks like spring is coming - the sun has been amazing lately and it makes me long for those long summer days. Now is the time to make the most of being at home and get those green fingers working. Charles Church laid our gorgeous turf last year so we had the best summer in our first home, enjoying our garden and we can't wait to get back out there. Winter has taken its toll on the grass this year so we wanted to bring it back to life sooner. We have cut the lawn and applied some grass feed to make it super green ready for that first spring BBQ - now it’s time to start planning the patio extension, planting flowers and looking forward to being outside and enjoying the summer season!"

And finally, making the best of your home and surroundings, within your own head and the ability to show mindfulness at home. Rachael says, "Mindfulness is purposefully paying attention to the present moment and bringing non-judgemental awareness to the nature of things. Noticing something's shape, colour, texture and space it occupies is mindfulness in practice. So, next time you make a coffee, do the laundry or dishes, paint a wall or mop the floors.... bear this in mind. Choose your focus, then pay attention to it. Bringing mindfulness to chores and hobbies gives you the opportunity to be present in the moment and re-balance your mind. Mindfulness in action and at its best. I hope these tips sprinkle life into your home, keep you busy and give you a sense of mindful awareness. Stay safe, stay home".

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