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New HBF report finds buyers of new build homes can save £135 each month on energy bills

04 July 2023

The July 2023 Watt a Save report also found that new housing stock is reducing the UK’s carbon emissions by 500,000 tonnes.

The latest research published by the Home Builder’s Federation (HBF) found that under Ofgem’s new energy bill price cap, owners of new build homes will continue to save an average of £135 each month on bills. The monthly average energy bill for a new build property is £109.83, whereas the bill for existing property is £245.48 – that’s a 55% saving of £135.65.

When looking specifically at new build houses in comparison to similar older properties, this figure rises to an average monthly saving of £183 – an impressive 64% reduction in costs.

The HBF July 2023 Watt a Save’ report, which examines the energy performance and environmental impact of new build homes, also found a significant reduction in carbon emissions produced by new builds compared to older homes.

It was discovered that overall new housing uses 55% less energy and emits 60% less carbon than older counterparts, cumulating in a carbon reduction of 500,000 tonnes each year.


These positive cost and energy savings are a result of the modern technologies and efficient practices that new build homes offer, including high quality insulation and brand new energy-efficient appliances as standard. It’s thanks to features such as these that the vast majority of Charles Church homes, and other new builds, come with EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) ratings of B or above.

The HBF Watt a Save report also looked ahead to the increased environmental and cost-saving benefits that will come with the roll out of Part L homes. As of June 2023, all new build homes will be constructed to ensure a 31% reduction in carbon emissions compared to older properties. This, along with the Government’s 2025 carbon net zero housing target, indicates that the future of new homes will be rooted in sustainability and energy-efficiency – a huge positive for both prospective buyers and the environment.

You can read the full HBF Watt a Save July 2023 report here.

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