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New homes built in Lincoln designed to support local wildlife

10 October 2023

Charles Church’s Cathedral View development in Lincoln incorporates features to support habitats and promote biodiversity.

Set in a prime location in the historic city of Lincoln, Cathedral View offers a range of stunning 4 and 5-bedroom homes within easy reach of amenities and transport links.

Not only were the homes at Cathedral View built to the latest energy-efficiency standards, with energy-saving appliances and highly efficient thermal insulation, the development will also provide features to support local wildlife.

These include tree planting throughout the side, wildflower areas, sections of grassland, and species-rich hedgerows to attract wildlife.

Bat and bird boxes will also be installed throughout the site, along with plans to create hedgehog links to let the mammals move around the development.



Melissa Arthur, Group Biodiversity Manager at Charles Church, supports the work that’s being carried out at Cathedral View to give back to the surroundings.

“Working with ecology experts, Cathedral View has been designed to incorporate biodiversity into the community,” says Melissa.

“We are providing nesting features for birds and bats within our homes and wildflower areas, along with species-rich hedgerows and an array of other wildlife planting for both the community and wildlife to enjoy.”

With the provisions for wildlife that are being made, residents can expect to see the development come to life as the seasons change. “In the summer months, look out for butterflies and species of flora in the areas of grassland”, Melissa says.

One of Charles Church’s key commitments as a housebuilder is to not only create beautiful new homes, but also new communities, always with sustainable practices in mind.  You can learn more about how we’re building sustainable homes, here.


To find out more about Cathedral View or register your interest in the development, click here.

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