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Think big with small gardens, says Sharon

08 June 2015

When it comes to gardens, size isn’t everything, says a West Wales property expert.

Summer is officially upon us and it’s time to get out in the garden to enjoy some much-needed sunshine.

And Sharon Robinson, sales director at Charles Church West Wales, says it’s possible to create an attractive and useful outdoor area, even if space is at a premium.

Indeed, Charles Church has created eye-catching gardens at its new development in Llanelli, called The Links.

The gardens, though relatively small, include features to fit in with the area’s coastal location, such as beach huts, deck chairs and roped boundaries.

“I absolutely love the gardens at The Links – they always blow people away when they come to look around the development,” said Sharon Robinson, sales director at Charles Church West Wales.

“Typically with new builds the gardens won’t be as large as with houses built in the 20th century. That tends to suit a lot of people who don’t have the time or the inclination to look after a big outdoor space.

But there are some simple steps you can take to make a small garden appear deceptively big. It’s all about making the most of the space available.”

Sharon’s top tips are:

  • Choose your colours carefully. Cool colours like purples and blues will help to make the space feel larger as they recede the field of vision. Try mixing golden or sandy colours with bright foliage and trees.
  • Look to the skies. The area available to you is not just what’s under your feet – make the most of the space above you as well. Try planting climbing plants on trellises and wires to bring another dimension to your garden.
  • Bring sound and energy to the space. A great way to make a garden more lively and interesting is by attracting wildlife. Bird boxes and feeders are a simple way to get birds to visit. You’ll be surprised how many birds just a few fat balls will attract. Water features can also help add gentle noise and intrigue.
  • Use containers. When flower beds are at a premium, use containers to add more flowers and plants to a garden. The good thing about containers is that they can be changed and moved, making it quick and easy to revamp the look of a garden. And containers need not be restricted to being just on the floor. Try attaching pots to walls to add more depth.
  • Make the most of the floor. Diagonal pavement can help make a space appear deceptively large. Alternatively, detailed designs, such as a mosaic or small tiles, can trick the brain and produce the same illusion.
  • Blur the boundaries. Make it less obvious where the garden ends by covering fences with bushes, climbers and pots.
The Links is an exciting new collection of two, three, four and five bedroom homes perfectly located in beautiful countryside. Prices at The Links start from £119,995 for a two bedroom semi-detached The Burry style property.

There are initiatives available to help house hunters secure their dream move, including the Home Change scheme. Charles Church will use all of its expertise and contacts to help people sell their current homes. The house builder will arrange for a valuation before agreeing a price with the seller and marketing the property on their behalf. This means there are no estate agent fees to pay, reducing the stress of moving.

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